Teaser Clip – Kathy Minorgan

We are excited to be working on a community media project at the Montreal West Public Library called Threads of Memory.

Working with a variety of digital media, we are putting together pieces that examine and celebrate the history of Montreal West. 
We have already begun and we are welcoming more folks to join as we go! Let us know if you are interested in getting involved! In the meantime, we have a few themes underway. So if you have experiences you want to share through an interview or have photographs or other documents related to the following themes, please let us know. We are very open to ideas.

– Montreal West in the 70s

– History of Coops in Montreal West (babysitting, beer, food etc)

– Hockey in the area

– Halloween over the years in Montreal West

Are there themes that you would like to explore?

 If you would like to get involved, please contact Eric (communityprojects514@gmail.com) or Deborah (mwpl.librarian@gmail.com)

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