Podcast:Forever Young – Living and Aging in Montreal West


This podcast is made by a group of seniors who participated in the Montreal West Public Library’s Threads of Memory Project, a community oral history project.  Evolving from last year’s series of video interviews with Montreal West seniors, we are now working on this series of podcasts with Montrealers working or volunteering in organizations and services for seniors. Our aim is to build a living toolbox to let Montrealers know about resources available to those over 60. We have lively conversations with intergenerational network builders, social activists and people who are thinking outside the box to meet housing and other challenges that arise as we age. We are just getting started and we invite you to listen in.

If you have suggestions for topics or people to interview for our future podcasts, we welcome your input. 

Please feel free to contact us at 


Production Team

Bronia – interviewer and host
Artist, sculptor, writer and creative thinker

Kathy – interviewer and host
Happily downsized senior, walking the streets of our neighbourhood

Sharon – interviewer and host 
Sociologist, researcher and philosophy is to remain forever young as an approach to life

Eric Craven- Producer 
Mentor and technical coordinator 

Thanks to Dawn Tyler Watson for our opening song

The question that we began addressing is “What do we need to remain “Forever Young” and live well in our community?” We have evolved into discussing key social issues and problems related to growing older in a complex time.

We would like to thank The New Horizons for Seniors Grant for supporting this project.